Our Mission

Adagio Dance Center is dedicated to bringing a fresh creative approach in Dance education to the South Jersey area and to contributing to our community in a positive meaningful role.

Our mission is to create a “home” for Dance where students are educated, inspired, challenged, motivated, and where lives are enriched through the art of Dance.

It is our mission to celebrate and uplift the human spirit through a self-empowering, evocative, JOYFUL Dance experience.

It is our determination to develop each child to his or her fullest potential physically, intellectually, spiritually and artistically through Dance so that each may enjoy a passionate, meaningful life !

The ADC Staff!















ADC Is The BEST Choice For Dance Education!

Many times a Big Name or large Dance Studio is not a comfortable fit for a student. A child is sometimes lost in the shuffle or does not get the individual attention they need. ADC offers smaller class sizes and assisted instruction so that each student receives the attention they deserve.

Because it’s NOT about the glitz and the glamour or the high-tech websites or the trophies in the window.

It’s about the STUDENT. It’s about DANCE.

And that is our FIRST priority.

Join the ADC Family & Discover the JOY of Dance!