Why Adagio?

“Adagio is amazing 😀 I love being challenged and the staff is like a second family!”
“We would like to thank Adagio Dance Center for all their support. My Child just loves the personal attention and the enthusiasm for whatever he is doing. The encouragement has really boosted his confidence in his Dance skills. Keep up the great work!!!!”
“Just wanted to stop by and say a few words. My Daughter had the pleasure of starting her Dance career with Miss A. She immediately bonded with the staff at ADC. She has gained confidence and strength through Dance under the direction of Miss A. The Staff at Adagio are truly kind, amazing, and caring people. We are so happy to be part of your family.”
“I wanted to say how much as a Mom I love Adagio Dance Center. The teachers are awesome and really work with the kids to learn both the Dance steps and terminology.”


“ADC Staff- I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind and encouraging to my daughter. You are making a difference in her life. You are not just a Dance studio. You are making connections with the children who participate in your classes. I wish I had a Dance school like yours when i was growing up. Thanks again”
“I loved watching your choreography during the recitals that I attended. Your Dance Routines have a lot of meaning and expression to it and I love watching my daughter Dance to it. Your love of Dance shows in your choreography.”
“Just wanted to thank Miss A and her wonderful teachers for making my 3 year old daughter feel so welcome at your studio, she couldn’t have loved it any more and cannot wait to come to each class. You guys are AWESOME! you guys inspire my daughter, to me, there is nothing better than that, thank you”


I” have known Miss A my entire life and I highly recommend Adagio to ANYONE that is interested in studying Dance. As a professional Dancer myself, Miss A has given me great advice and words of encouragement that I will never forget. ADC’s knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to Dance are what make the team at ADC incredible artists. ADC is constantly experimenting artistically and thinking “outside the box” which makes them truly unique!”
“Miss Andrea can be described in so many different words but one that comes to mind is inspirational. She is a devoted human being who only wants the best for her students. I have known Miss A for many years now, I have had the pleasure of dancing with her and working with her. She cares about her students and is devoted 110% to her work. Dance and Art are not just her career; it’s her life, her dream, something that she wants to share with the world. Miss Andrea has a unique style that she incorporates; old school with modern day. Not only is she a wonderful teacher and choreographer but she will always be your biggest supporter, no matter how big or small, she is behind you all the way. One of her biggest attributes is her commitment to her family, and now she is extending her family even bigger. If you decide to be a part of her commitment and her family, you will not be disappointed. Join in on the fun while learning the art of Dance and the passion that comes along with it.”